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Until Dawn – The Best Horror Game In Years

Until Dawn starts in the same way that most classic slasher flicks start; it starts with tragedy. It begins with ten teenagers, in a giant extravagant cabin up in the mountains away from society doing what teenagers in a cabin in the mountains do best, having a party. As always happens in such situations, teenagers act in a terrible manner to one another and death occurs.

Until Group

The teens that are conscious group up outside after a “prank” goes wrong.

Exactly one year after the tragic death of two of the teenagers the remaining eight return to the cabin in order to honor the deaths in the only way they know how, with a party! Of course the party doesn’t quite go according to plan. When they arrive at the cabin the power is out, the hot water heater is off, everyone starts to show distrust for each other, and then they immediately split up so they can all do their own thing.

In a normal horror movie, they would have already wasted twenty minutes of the ninety minute run time. It would have just introduced you to the simplistic plot and the simplistic characters, however, since this is a video game, we get to learn about the characters, the environment, and every possible horrible event that you could imagine.

Until Choice

These are the areas when you know Quick Time Events are coming. The game never traps you into failure. Failure only happens because of your choices.

At this point in the game, you will probably have a pretty good idea on the characters you like and the ones that you don’t. Making decisions based on that is an immense amount of fun. Every decision that you make, whether it be a dialogue choice or you walked down one path instead of another, it all feels important. The most interesting thing about Until Dawn is how much depth it actually has with the decision making process. Each character has stats, strengths and weaknesses, and how much they like each of the other characters.

Until Traits

I played Mike as the quintessential douche bag in this play through.

I loved making characters change, make them do things that according to their traits they wouldn’t normally do. I was consistently shocked at how well the game handled all of the decisions I made. I don’t want to go on for too long seeing as how much of this game is based off of the narrative. What I will say is that this is hands down, bulls eye, no questions asked, my absolute favorite story/choice driven experience I have ever played. Everything feels meaningful.

The story is EVERY B horror movie plot you could imagine, plus maybe one or two you wouldn’t think of. I loved, loved, LOVED this game and will recommend it to every single horror lover out there.


Good Things

  • I loved getting to know and manipulate the characters.
  • Every decision you make feels important.
  • The story is perfect for any fan of horror

Bad Things

  • A few animations feel weird.
  • Very minor frame rate problems during some Quick Time Events.