Dragon Ball Z Resurrection F Review

Prior to Battle of Gods, most Dragon Ball Z movies fell into a tired routine of every single character lying on the ground barely alive as Goku gets the kill on the big bad guy. There was only a handful of exceptions to this and even Battle of Gods had a heavy focus on Goku. So to finally have a film where the other characters like Tien, Piccolo, and even Krillin get to do something other than be punching bags is a breath of fresh air for Dragon Ball as a series. Even though the ending to Resurrection F was slightly disappointing, the rest of the film was spectacular. I had my doubts at first, but Resurrection F proved me wrong.

Resurrection F takes place some time after Battle of Gods and it involves the revival of the infamous galactic tyrant known as Frieza. Having been stuck in his bizarre and somewhat disturbing concept of hell for many years, Frieza immediately plots his revenge against Goku and Trunks (AKA the cool one with the sword) but quickly realizes that in his current form he would not stand a chance against Goku since he killed the supposedly invincible Majin Buu. So Frieza goes off to train for four months and comes back with new powers and an army in an attempt to kill Goku and destroy Earth once and for all. Unfortunately for Earth, Goku and Vegeta are training on a remote planet with Weis and Beerus. The remaining Z Fighters must hold the line until Goku and Vegeta make it back.

DBZ7Resurrection F is, in a way, the Dragon Ball Z movie I had always hoped for. It isn’t just about Goku fighting some super powered Freiza and a whole bunch of characters get moments in the spot light all to themselves. For the first time in the entirety of Dragon Ball Z, even Master Roshi finally gets to join the fray which was an awesome throwback to the days of Dragon Ball. Even if the big battle that was a good portion of the movie is mostly Goku Vs Frieza, it manages to somewhat avoid the one issue that made all the other movies the same.

Visually, Resurrection F is incredible. The animation is top notch and the art style masterfully combines Akira Toriyama’s signature designs with more modern animation techniques and visual effects in a seamless way. The fast paced super human fighting that Dragon Ball Z is known for is very much present for this movie and it still finds a way to be easy to follow who is doing what at any given moment. Much like Dragon Ball Super, Resurrection F could best be described as Dragon Ball Z brought forward into the modern age of anime.

DBZ9Save for a slightly disappointing ending, Resurrection F was an incredible addition to the long series of Dragon Ball Z movies. It builds on a lot of what Battle of Gods did right and continues to make a great deal of improvements. While this is mostly a film for people who are already Dragon Ball fans, it felt like this could be considered a decent starting point for anyone that is new to the series. While it isn’t as good a place to start as watching Dragon Ball Z Kai would be, this movie could be considered a close second given that it doesn’t demand too much background knowledge that isn’t partially explained in some way during the movie. At the very least, Dragon Ball fans are in for a real treat with Resurrection F.