Blast of Tempest Review

Tales of revenge, good versus evil, and saving the world are hardly original at this point. One might say stories with these themes are unoriginal. Yet every now and then you’ll find a story that takes those old concepts and molds them into a slightly new and interesting form. Blast of Tempest does this with all three of the story archetypes mentioned above. Blast of Tempest is the story of two teenage boys named Mahiro Fuwa and Yoshino Takigawa. Mahiro is on a quest to find the person that killed his little sister and this ends up dragging his best friend, Yoshino, into the fray. While the two young men are on this quest they soon become involved with a mysterious female mage whom is trapped on an island. The mage, Hakaze, promises to help Mahiro by using magic to find the killer and that she will only do this if Mahiro helps her with something in return.


Together the unlikely trio work together to stop Hakaze’s clan of mages from summoning an ancient entity known as the Tree of Exodus. No seriously, a bunch of mages are trying to summon a big tree that apparently has the ability to bring about the end of the world. Side effects of this apocalypse include people turning to solid iron statues, large hordes of butterflies flying around, and big demonic fruit cyclops things popping out of the ground. Yet as the story progresses, it soon becomes apparent that not everything is as it seems and it is possible that the Tree of Exodus may not be the destroyer that Hakaze believes it to be.


While the story starts off with some tired tropes, Blast of Tempest finds a way to mix things up with plot twists and mysteries that deepen as the story progresses. All the while, Blast of Tempest finds ways to include fast paced magically enhanced combat while not feeling completely unnecessary in what is otherwise a dialogue and drama heavy filled anime. To say that certain parts of the story were inspired by some of Shakespeare’s work would be an understatement. Certain characters have a tendency to quote Hamlet and Tempest and certain themes and plot points reference the two plays heavily. The only real issue in the story is the pacing at a certain point during the end of the first story arc where it takes over three episodes to resolve one conflict as two characters basically play pong with Mahiro’s loyalty over several episodes. This one particular moment could have gone by faster, but it felt like this scene was drawn out to fill time.


Blast of Tempest has a great art style. The backgrounds are highly detailed and the character design is gorgeous. The animation is incredible, especially during any fight scenes where characters are using magic to do things that are well beyond the human limit from moving so fast it is like they are teleporting to using barriers to block any kind of attack. Unlike most anime, Blast of Tempest uses a more classical style of music for the soundtrack and it really works in the series favor.

Overall Blast of Tempest was a great and interesting anime despite the fact that it was following some unoriginal ideas at first. Fans of fast paced action will love Blast of Tempest along with viewers that enjoy a good drama and mystery along with the occasional unpredictable plot twist. In short, most anime fans can’t go wrong with Blast of Tempest so long as you can tolerate constant quoting and references to Hamlet.