Apocalypse Aftermath: The Future of Fox’s X-Men

The apocalypse is coming in 2016. X-Men: Apocalypse, to be exact, and with it the end of the X-Men trilogy started with First Class. As Bryan Singer stated, in a recent interview “it’s kind of a wrap-up of the six movies.” An unsurprising move, given the gravity and sense of finality when facing Apocalypse, the first and arguably most powerful mutant ever. Still, like their source material, movie universes aren’t immune to the Reset Button. The X-Men take up an impressive portion of the Marvel Universe, and lend themselves to a number of stories, not just revolving around your typical A-List mutants like Wolverine, Storm, Magneto, and Professor X.

Something Fox seems wholly aware of, given their plans for a number of different characters, including Deadpool, Gambit, and even the X-Men splinter group known as X-Force. Still, the X-Men alone have more left in the tank to battle as a team and on their own. Wolverine has played a large part in the series, and with the exit longtime actor Hugh Jackman, perhaps a new central character (or several) have an opportunity to step into the spotlight.


Gambit will be one of the next mutants to have his own film, though it’s interesting to note that his film will follow the apparent end of the X-Men traditional movie franchise. Though I’ve been admittedly skeptical of Gambit’s ability to hold a movie on his own, it does show that Fox is willing to branch out a bit. Characters such as Storm and Beast have endeared themselves to movie-audiences over the years, and could potentially hold their own movies. Storm stands among Marvel’s most well-known women, and powerhouse performances by Kelsey Grammer and Nicholas Hoult have made Beast a standout character for moviegoers.

With characters like Rogue still heavily underdeveloped, threats not faced, including Onslaught, and plot elements untouched such as the Shi’ar Empire, it would be foolish to think that Fox could have no plans regarding the future of the X-Men franchise. Especially if rumors of their want to spin-off into live-action television holds any water.

Gambit doesn't strike me as a guy who can hold a movie. Maybe, I'm wrong, but he seems fit more for television.

In addition to what the X-Men on their own bring to the table, there was indeed even talk of a potential X-Men/Fantastic Four crossover. This was dependent on how Fantastic Four performed at the box office, and we don’t need to go over that flop at this point. With that said, Fox is shouldering on with a sequel to the Fantastic Four and with a new creative direction likely being taken, it is possible that all hope for a crossover between Fox’s superheroes isn’t out of the question.

Considering the history both teams have together, it’s not something totally farfetched, despite many concerns about how the two universes could possibly coexist. With the world typically skeptical at best and hateful at worst when it comes to mutants and no way to distinguish mutants from mutates (a term for the Fantastic Four, who were not born with their powers) it would be difficult, but not impossible to have the teams work together to face the aforementioned Onslaught, as they did in the comics.

Some even say that Fox has worked out some sort of deal with Marvel, akin to the one Sony has regarding Spider-Man. With the recent news regarding the Inhumans movie, the 3 mystery movies for Marvel’s Phase 4, and of course this recent news, it’s tough not to imagine Fox wouldn’t want in on some of that MCU-House of Mouse money. Still, we’ve got plenty of time to see what Fox has in store for the fans.

X-Men: Apocalypse opens up May 27, 2016! Sound off what you think Fox has got on deck!