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GATE Episode 10: Good pacing, flawed story

Things went surprisingly better than expected during the tenth episode of GATE. Itami’s cell phone saves him from an overly amorous Rory, only for Rory to then turn around and cause an international incident by killing a bunch of Russian, Chinese, and American soldiers. Yet in spite of this, Itami and his squad is able to outwit the conspirators and get the guests from the Special Region back to the other side of the portal. This episode goes by quickly yet so much happens in a mere twenty two minutes.


While I’m certain that having Rory around helped the SDF have an easier time dealing with all the troops from the other countries, she seems like a bit of a liability in a time when there is discussion of peace talks between the Special Region and our world. Had the operation not been so cloak and dagger, countries like the United States would have been able to have used that blood bath as a card to try and pressure Japan into allowing other countries to access the Special Region or declare war. While Rory may have a lot of popularity with the Japanese public, as indicated by a later scene in this episode, she is too much of a loose cannon and there is little anyone can do to control her.

The one sided results of every conflict between Japan and other countries is starting to get irritating. It is unrealistic and just boring when it seems like not even the other countries are capable of standing up to Japan. As I said in the previous review, the patriotism feels a little excessive now and I have a feeling it is only going to get worse. As far as portraying the other countries as villains, GATE is not doing so well with that. Itami and his squad are somehow always one step ahead of the enemy in completely implausible situations. It would be great to see some more struggle and challenge that isn’t so easily overcome by Japan or the Special Region guests.


While this was a decently paced episode that keeps the viewer engaged, there are a lot of flaws and holes in the story that dragged it down. I’m concerned that these problems with GATE are only going to get worse and that they intend to rush through as much story as possible in order to focus on main story points rather than taking time to explain things a little better. With any luck, this is just a minor bump in the road for GATE.

The next episode of GATE will be called Visitors. As implied at the end of this episode, Pina will be traveling to the Capital to give her report about the other side of the GATE. Hopefully Pina’s report will give the Empire some common sense and make the Emperor decide he can’t possibly win and that it would be better to just start peace talks with Japan before there is any more bloodshed. Not only that but there will be a new character revealed that is also on elf like Tuka only they appear to be male and have silver hair.