5 Maps that need to make a Comeback in Black Ops III

It’s almost become a tradition to see a Call of Duty game announced yearly, and 2015 is no different with the third iteration in the “Black Ops” subset due later this year. Despite the yearly appearance, I find myself far more excited for this upcoming FPS by Treyarch. I’ve always felt a certain difference in quality when it to the BLOPS side of things (along with Call of Duty IV and perhaps the first two Modern Warfare games), compared to many others of its ilk. The stages always seemed a little bit more interesting and more diverse, the online mode more fleshed out, and the weapons and kill-streak rewards pure awesome. And of course, how can you say no to Nazi zombies?! Many of the multiplayer stages in particular played a large part in making Black Ops I and II two of the most enjoyable and addictive multiplayer FPS games in recent history. Stages like the Submit, Firing Range, and the epic Nuketown provided an enjoyable and unique experience that helped to make a somewhat stagnant FPS formula really stand out and feel memorable. The layouts kept the gameplay intense and interesting, and the visual aesthetic provided a distinct flavor.

With the announcement of Black Ops III, even though I can’t wait to see Treyarch’s new multiplayer map creations in all their Xbox One/PS4 glory, I can’t help but yearn for some nostalgic re-imaginings of previous stages as well. So in honor of the recent Call of Duty: Black Ops III beta release, here are five of the most memorable stages from the two previous Black Ops installments that I feel should make a comeback.

No.1: Summit (CoD: Black Ops)


The biggest appeal in this stage lies in its very unique “feel” that manages to distinguish itself from the typical formula of warzone-esque environments complete with grey and brown color schemes throughout. While the diversity of colors isn’t exactly abundant in this one either, its bright and snowy atmosphere definitely provides a different vibe than your run-of-the-mill FPS multiplayer map.

No.2: Jungle (CoD: Black Ops)


While many maps give a gritty World War II-type vibe and aesthetic, this one provides a backdrop that is more reminiscent of the Vietnam War and provides more of a nature-based flare rather than industrial or military. Like the aforementioned level on this list, the color scheme diverts from the typical dull-grey gamers have grown used to over the years, placing you in a thick forest brimming with deep-green trees. This stages offers many opportunities for ambushes and guerrilla-style warfare with its plethora of obstructions, twists and turns. This would also be a pretty one to set eyes on with the beefed-up graphical horsepower of the Xbox One and PS4.

No.3: Hijacked (CoD: Black Ops II)


This map may not be the prettiest visually-speaking, but it more than makes up for it with its style and layout. There is something about the unique concept of running and gunning on the close quarters of a small cruise ship that makes for one insanely fun multiplayer experience. Treyarch would really miss the boat on this one if they don’t bring this classic back (if you’ll excuse the lame pun).

No.4: Terminal (CoD: Modern Warfare II and III)


Yes, I know I’m cheating a bit here as this isn’t a Black Ops original, but this level is just too damn awesome to leave off this list. Everything about it just rocks, from the concept, to the diverse layout brimming with primo hiding/ambush spots, to the amusing and creative aesthetic. Now picture the beauty of this stage with some slicker graphics and a fleshed out airport setting, and you can see why this would be a no-brainer for the upcoming shooter.

No.5: Nuketown (CoD: Black Ops I and II)


You knew it was coming. As far as multiaplyer maps go, this is simply the most fun I’ve experienced, not only in the Call of Duty franchise but maybe in FPS games as a whole. The quirky concept and the super-close quarters make for an almost guaranteed adrenaline-pumping fun online multi experience. Sure it’s already been revamped once, but that is just a testament to how awesome it is. And with the third Black Ops seemingly taking place in a dark and twisted future, having a map which consists of a town hit by a nuclear bomb just seems like the perfect fit.


So there you have it, 5 maps that could help spruce up what looks to be an already awesome FPS experience. While it’s exciting to see what Treyarch has up their sleeves in terms of new maps, it’s always nice to balance things out a bit with a return to some nostalgic classics to help bring a change of pace. Have a different opinion on some essential nostalgic Black Ops (or other Call of Duty) multiplayer maps? Let us know in the comment section below!