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Throwback Thursday: Dragon Ball GT

With so much awesome Dragon Ball news in the works this past year, I couldn’t help but bring up one of the oft-forgot parts of the DB franchise. When it comes to Dragon Ball, there are two things that I’ve typically found to be true between fans. The entire Majin Buu Saga was a bit of a drop-off in quality after the Cell Saga. Secondly, Dragon Ball GT never happened. At least that’s what a lot of people like to say and think, due to a lot of poorly thought-out concepts. Still, being the individual that I am, it shouldn’t come as much of a shocker to some that I wasn’t totally against GT.

Taking place after the Buu Saga, GT takes place after Goku left with Uub. We find Goku and Uub training, when an elderly Pilaf and his crew make their way to the lookout and find the Black Star Dragon Balls. Inadvertently, Pilaf wishes Goku into a child again and as a consequence of using the Black Star balls, the Earth is put on a timer and in one year the Earth will explode unless the balls are gathered again. Unfortunately, these Balls, instead of spreading across the Earth, spread across the universe!

Thus the stories of GT begin, with what some would consider a whimper. Characters are far different than how we remember them, with Trunks more focused on running Capsule Corp and Goten more focused on girls. Gohan of course, takes another step back in awesome, having fulfilled his dream of being a scholar and raising Pan along with his wife. Vegeta’s mustache makes recurring appearances and has been neutered for the most part, by his daughter Bulla.


Possibly GT’s greatest contribution to the Franchise: Super Saiyan 4!

A considerably short, series saw a number of new and old faces appear. Android 17 even made his reappearance before becoming Super 17, in what I thought was actually a solid Saga, if not short. The story had a very early DBZ-like feel to it, but I think after so long and with the changes to fan-favorites like Trunks and Vegeta, the drawn out nature of the Baby Saga,  and despite my enjoyment of it, the underwhelmingness of the Super 17 Saga, along with the overall taste of the Buu Saga it branched from, this series did not really do justice to the franchise, despite some good plot elements and even a trip down memory lane with the Shadow Dragons Saga.

This may be a difficult series to get into, especially depending on your enjoyment of the Buu Saga. If you enjoyed the majority of the Buu Saga, I would suggest giving DBGT a chance. If you were one of the people that didn’t enjoy the Buu Saga much, you’re probably better off skipping DBGT all-together. It’s not as if you’re missing much, and you may enjoy Super more anyway. You can at least Google anything you might be curious on, though, if you’re curious about this version of the series and anything multiversal about it.


You know you wanna see the build up to all his glory!

You know you wanna see the build up to all his glory!

Personally, I know a lot of people hated GT overall. It’s a shameful thing to say, but it doesn’t really stack up to the other series. However, on it’s own, while not great, DBGT is an alright series. This is honestly something that you’ll need to figure out for yourself though. Without a doubt, it’s the weakest of the DB Franchise, but few series can do what DBZ did better, and DB was even superior to DBZ in almost every way. So, if you can lower your standards just a bit, GT could be something you enjoy, but I suppose then you have to ask, “why do I have to lower my standardsto be entertained?”

I’d be very interested in hearing your thoughts on DBGT. Both those of you who’ve seen the series and people who are new to it. I look forward to hearing your opinions on the series. Until we meet again!

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