Rocket League – PS4 Review


Do you like cars? Do you enjoy ball games? How about competitive online multiplayer titles? If you answered yes to one of those questions, chances are Rocket League might be up your alley.

This fun little game takes the laughably silly concept of little cars playing soccer, and makes it work with its great execution and minimal learning curve. Thanks to concise tutorials and the option to play against bots at the lowest difficulty setting, the basic know-how of Rocket League is quickly learned, although it will definitely take some time to master the more advanced techniques. And that explains the popularity and success of Rocket League. The quickly learned basics lead to a desire to become better, score more goals for your team and rise in rank, which all makes this game quite addicting.


The gameplay, simply enough, features an orange and a blue team, both trying to put the ball in the opponent’s goal to score as many times as possible within the time limit. The ball is moved simply by ramming into it, but the cars can also perform flips and rocket boosts for additional speed and force. The field has several power spots where any car that drives over them gets some fuel to do a rocket boost. Besides much-needed speed, the rocket boost allows players to destroy opponent cars by tackling them (though they obviously respawn soon), and to fly momentarily if they jump in the air. Flying with the rocket boost is probably the hardest thing to perform in the game, but it can be useful  in reaching the ball when it bounces high into the air. The cars can also drive on the walls surrounding the field, which adds to the hectic nature of the game.

Graphically this title is nice and colorful, though I wish there were more arenas to choose from. As for the performance on the PS4, it’s simply fantastic. In the several dozen online matches I played, not once did I encounter any sort of lagging or other technical flaws. As far as the gameplay goes, the only minor annoyance I  found was that when I first started playing, the ball physics seemed to be slightly unpredictable, causing me to occasionally shoot to the complete opposite direction of where I was trying to aim, sometimes even scoring in my own goal. Luckily this is far from game-breaking, and rarely an issue once you become more familiar with shooting.

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Matchmaking from my experience has been exceptionally painless. Every single time I have been able to start an online game within 15 seconds after launching the title. However, an active PS Plus membership is required for multiplayer on PS4, so I cannot recommend Rocket League to people who do not have the subscription. After all, the online multiplayer is really the only reason to get this game. Fortunately there’s also a PC version, which as far as I know, doesn’t require any subscriptions.

All in all, Rocket League is definitely worth checking out for any fans of team sports and fun, easy-to-pick-up competitive multiplayer titles. It is simple but unique, and most importantly tons of fun. It is hard to say whether or not the novelty will wear out with time, but as of right now, Rocket League does deserve the praise it gets from both gamers and critics. Scoring a goal and being on the winning team always feels great, and thanks to the 5-minute matches, you can easily spend anywhere from seven minutes to several hours with this game.