Dishonored 2: Ladies…and Gentlemen?

Among a solid offering of awesome from E3 2015, a crowd-pleaser among crowd-pleasers was the trailer for the sequel to the 2012 hit game Dishonored. The trailer showed us something both expected and unexpected. The expected being a new protagonist. The unexpected comes in the identity of the new assassin, familiar to fans of the first game: Emily Kaldwin.

It came as a bit of surprise (and there has been rumblings of annoyance,) though in another development for the upcoming stealth game. Players will not only be able to play as Emily, but Corvo will return as a playable character. While this Dishonored fan has no problem playing as either Emily or Corvo, there has been some displeasure felt by some fans at Corvo’s inclusion.

Honestly, I’m a little surprised at the thought that there would be people unhappy with more options. Especially before we know all that much about the game. However, it’s also easy to think that this may all blow over with very little backlash. Even if Youtube comments (as they do,) are very contrary to that idea.

Still, it’s an interesting thing to think about. Male protaganists are, without a doubt, more prominent than females, despite the iconic status of women in video games. Characters such as Lara Croft, Elizabeth Comstock, and Faith, the main character of Mirror’s Edge are just a few of the type of women that both male and female gamers have been wanting to see in games.

It’s not out of the question that, as more and more women get into games both as industry leaders and as consumers, we will see more characters like the women mentioned above and like Emily taking center stage. However, I think it’s also worth keeping in mind that the male gamers are not the enemy. Men have played as women in games on more than one occasion in the past. Sometimes by design, and sometimes by choice.

When I finished Dishonored, I felt satisfied. I wouldn’t have imagined they were making a sequel, but I am by no means upset. Rather, because I thought the story was finished, Arkane and Bethesda caught me off guard and I’m intrigued now by this more than any other game from E3. I look forward to seeing what Emily brings to the table, as well as treading the familiar but satisfying ground of playing with Corvo come release date.

I think twitter user @Smigpit says it best in this tweet, I leave you with.