Smite Releases Combo Breaker Update, Includes New Hero and Skins

Hi-Rez Studios is bringing some changes to Smite in the most recent update coming to the game Combo Breaker. The update will have a host of changes and include balancing for many heroes and items in the game as well as gameplay, but one of the major things that comes with this new update is the inclusion of the new hero Ravana.

Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka, seems to be best at fighting enemies 1 v 1 but should still be able to fight well in teamfights. His skills include his passive Chain of Blows where each successive hit within 5 seconds adds to Ravana’s combo chain, which will allow another one of his skills, Prana Onslaught, to do an additional 7.5% damage for each hit in the combo for up to a maximum of 60% total. Any additional hits above 8 will not count towards the damage again until Prana Onslaught has been used. Another of his skills is Overhead Kick, which will make him perform a high kick that sends out a shockwave that will damage enemies in a line and render him damage immune during the action. 10-Hand Shadow Fist will allow Ravana to fly forward and deal damage to enemies in a line, passing through minions but stopping on the first god hit. Gods hit will be rooted and damaging enemies will heal Ravana based on how much damage he deals. And finally Mystic Rush which will allow Ravana to rush a target and deal damage to them while also knocking away all other enemies in his path. The target will also be linked to Ravana and do full damage to him while everyone else will do 40% reduced damage.

A few other things the Combo Breaker update will be bringing also include 3 new skins, Dragon King Ao Kuang, Iron Crow Hou Yi, and Tyrant Ravana, as well as multiple changes to the gameplay such as reducing ward vision and reworking kill bounties and many changes or fixes to current heroes and items.

If you want to check out the full patch notes for yourself you can do so by heading to the blog post here. You can also check out Ravana in action in the video below. The Combo Breaker Update is live on PC and will be made available on Xbox One later this summer, even though SMITE is currently in closed beta on Xbox One and will enter open beta on July 8.