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Tower Control Coming to Splatoon Tomorrow for US


A new game mode for Splatoon, Nintendo’s latest splat-tastic IP, Tower Control, will be launching in a free update tomorrow at 7PM PT for the US, and July 2 for EU. The Tower Control game mode will be added to the already available modes, and ranked battles.

The goal involves riding a single tower into your enemy’s base while both teams rush the object. Riding the tower progresses your team’s goal, but also leaves you open and vulnerable to being splatted. Its a neat risk and reward system, since the tower is so small, it makes it hard for the player to maneuver against enemies, but its also the only way to win the match. The mode, much like Splat Zone, requires teamwork to succeed, because riding the tower on your lonesome is a splat sentence.

Later in the week, the first “Splatfest” for the Americas will be on July 4, 2015. Players will swear allegiance to one side of life’s most burning questions and dire arguments. Which is better, dogs or cats? Players will then battle opposing opinions through online matches.

Splatoon is out now on Nintendo WiiU.