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Thomas Was Alone Gets Limited Edition Action Figures

It’s Thomas Was Alone’s third birthday this year, and to commemorate the occasion Mike Bithell, the developer of Thomas Was Alone, has teamed up with artist Kerry Dyer to make some limited edition action figures for the game. Yes the action figures do indeed look like squares or blocks but they are action figures nonetheless.

The collection of figures that you can buy will include four figures, Thomas, Claire, Chris, and John. They will also be signed by Kerry Dyer and Mike Bithell, however they are all rather small as they note on Kerry’s site where you can buy them the Claire figure is only 3.2cm. They are all small cubes of plastic so they warn buyers to keep them away from children, and probably because Thomas and his friends don’t want to get eaten. If you want to buy some figures for yourself you can do so by heading to the site here.

The cost of the figures is £20, which is roughly $31, and as of this writing, the current availability left is just above 50% so you better hurry if you want to get one.