Terraria Receives a Huge Update Today

Re-Logic announced today that the new update to Terraria, Terraria 1.3, has officially been released. The new update comes loaded with tons of new weapons and loot to find, new biomes to explore, and new enemies and bosses to fight.

Re-Logic has posted an extensive changelog on their forums for those interested in seeing how much of the game has been revamped and added on to. Not everything is on there however, as Terraria is an exploration game, and the developers would like you to found out many of the game’s secrets on your own. Among some of the new changes, a whopping total of 800 new items have been added to the game along with some quality of life changes for old items such as wooden platforms and bottled water now stacking to 999. You can now also expect the town NPCs to socialize, actually sit their butts down in a chair, and give you a helping hand in fighting off threats.

There is also a new Expert Mode added to the game that can be toggled on or off at the World Creation Menu, this mode will change the AI of many bosses and enemies, force you to drop mode gold when killed, and all sorts of other nasty stuff. However, there is also much more in the way of loot to be had for those who want to take on this challenge, many of which are exclusive to Expert Mode.

Terraria has now fully integrated itself with Steam as well. Players can now connect to multiplayer matches through Steam without having to mess with IP address sharing. The game also now supports Steam Cloud saving and Steam Achievements.

In honor of the new update Terraria has a two day sale on Steam right now starting today (June 30th), so if you haven’t yet experienced the world of Terraria now seems like the most opportune time to do so.