“Get It Early” Steam Hardware Has Sold Out

Pre-orders on the upcoming steam hardware, including Steam Machines, Steam Link, and the Steam Controller, have officially closed.

Earlier this year, Steam revealed their plans to take over your living room with a barrage of different hardware options. The best part about this is that it is all completely optional hardware, so you can rest easy if you have perfected your PC rig and would like to keep it that way. That said, for anyone looking to pick up some new gear or supplement their PCs, this may be what you were looking for.


The Steam Machine is Valve’s answer to a console/PC hybrid. The systems are built for gaming, but are built as PCs and run a special version of Linux called SteamOS. Multiple companies are developing their own Steam Machines already, with more on the way in 2016.

The Steam Controller is a new input module built to bridge the gap between keyboard and controller. Featuring trackpads and haptic feedback, Valve hopes this controller can serve the needs of those who prefer their console controllers and those who prefer typing away in their games.


Lastly, the Steam Link is a little device you set up next to your TV, which lets you stream your PC games to the living room at full 1080p/60fps. Latency has said to be minimal, so this seems like the perfect item for those who love their PC rig but wouldn’t mind the best of both worlds.

While pre-orders for the “get it early” wave are over, you can still order the hardware for the official November 10 release. Personally, I’m looking forward to trying out the Steam Controller (despite my initial skepticism). Until the release of the hardware, stay tuned for more info!