Batman Arkham Knight PC Fall

Batman: Arkham Knight PC Port Won’t be Ready Until Fall

The latest video game adventure from the Dark Knight won’t be ready on the PC until much later this year. According to the Steam page, the PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight “will be available on SteamOS, Linux and Mac in Fall 2015.”

Batman: Arkham Knight was released on Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC last week on June 23, however several players reported major issues with the PC version of the game. The framerate was locked at 30 fps and would frequently drop to as low as 10 fps (practically a slideshow), the textures were muddy and several graphical effects present in the console versions were missing from the PC port.

Developer Rocksteady Studios shortly after removed the game from Steam and recalled all physical copies of the PC version from stores. The day after the game released, Rocksteady posted a message on the game’s Steam page addressing these issues and directed unsatisfied customers to Steam’s refund page.

On June 25 Sefton Hill, game director for Batman: Arkham Knight tweeted the following.

Rocksteady have promised to continue patching the PC version for players who purchased Batman: Arkham Knight before it’s removal from Steam.