Take-Two Has Registered Several Domains Relating To Mafia 3

Fans of the Mafia series have been waiting for a long time for another entry in the series, ever since Mafia 2 came out in 2010. Today, they have a reason to get their hopes up for another Mafia game as four new domains relating to Mafia 3 have been registered by Take-Two. These new websites (Mafia3TheGame.com, MafiaIIITheGame.com, MafiaThree.com, MafiaThreeTheGame.com) were all registered by “take2games.com”, but the domains weren’t labeled this way for long as they were eventually transferred to a proxy service. The original information and register may be found in the picture below, you may open the image in a new tab if you require a higher resolution version of the picture.



These domains were found by Neogaf user “ekim”, who used Daily Changes (a site that tracks domain registrations) to find these documents. Hopefully, Mafia 3 will be announced soon, I greatly enjoyed Mafia 2 when I played several years ago on the 360. Maybe Mafia 3 will be able to break the previous game’s record for most uses of the “F-word” again?

{Source: Gameinformer}

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