Pokemon Meets Match Three With This Mobile Endeavor

The day has finally come! Everyone with an Apple or Android device will be able to play Pokemon!!! Well, kind of.


Pokemon Shuffle was previously released for the Nintendo 3DS, with some fairly high sales numbers, unsurprisingly. Honestly, It makes sense that the Pokemon Company would want to get in on that smartphone game cash. So, this isn’t the most shocking news in the world.

This isn’t the first Pokemon game to be released for mobile devices, it isn’t even exactly the true Pokemon experience, it is however, completely adorable and looks like a great way to waste some time.


Pokemon Shuffle Mobile will be available to download for free later this year, a solid release date hasn’t been announced as of yet, and you’ll be able to get the game from the Apple App store and on Google Play.


I personally haven’t played Pokemon Shuffle on 3DS, but I’m hoping the move over to mobile devices is a clean and solid experience. I’m always looking for a new addicting mobile game, and so far, this looks like it will fit right in next to my other match threes! (seriously, match threes are too addicting.)