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Nintendo Is Well-Aware Of The Demand For A Proper Metroid Sequel

If you were one of the many Nintendo fans who were less than thrilled about the upcoming 3DS title Metroid Prime: Federation Force, your voice has been heard.


Last Week at E3, Nintendo unveiled a new title in the beloved Metroid series, as seen in the trailer above. Metroid Prime: Federation Force is a spin-off title of the series that has you and three other friends cooperatively explore the universe of the series while fighting monsters and completing a series of missions. There is also Blast Ball: a 3v3 mini-game sports battle that seems to bear some resemblance to soccer where you try to shoot a giant orb into goals.

Shortly after the game’s announcement, fans were immediately left unhappy with what they saw. Expecting a larger sequel, there was much disappointment in what looked like a side story with a smaller focus on the story. The outrage actually prompted a petition to cancel the game in favor of a proper sequel.

Shortly after the outrage, Nintendo of America President and COO Reggie Fils-Aime spoke to Kotaku about their E3 announcements, inevitably bringing up the sore subject. Luckily though, Reggie’s response let fans know that Nintendo has heard their outcry loud and clear, as stated below:

“Look, we know that the fans want a straight Samus Aran game. We also know that the best way to launch a game like that is to surprise and delight them, to give them a launch date, in an environment like this let them play it vs. what other companies do which is to announce a project that you may not see for five, six years. It’s just not the way we do things. We know the community wants to see a straight-up Metroid game. We know it.”

Personally, I seem to be one of the few who is excited for Federation Force. I understand the disappointment a side-story coming before another major title after years of no sequels, but that doesn’t stop the game from actually looking fun. I also find their philosophy of making game announcements that fans don’t have to wait years to get their hands on, *cough* Kingdom Hearts III *cough*. I don’t think it would be unreasonable to see a new Metroid as a potential launch title for their upcoming NX platform, which we still have very little information about. What do you guys think? Sound off in the comments and stay tuned for more info!