Umbra: Next-Gen Hack & Slash

The record-breaking Umbra, from SolarFall games looks to give players something they’ve fresh while keeping the basics of the Hack & Slash genre fans of series such as Diablo have come to expect and enjoy. If this game somehow hasn’t made it onto your radar yet, this look at what Umbra has under the hood should be all the evidence you need to correct that mistake.

Umbra tells the story of a world riddled with chaos and unrest. Enemies come in the form of humans in the corrupt Human Republic and mutants roaming the wild. You play the role of a former officer in the Human Republic, who has developed magic powers. Escaping from the Republic who would turn you into an experiment, you’re saved by a group known as the Order of the Templars. With the lore a bit more in your head, we get to the fun part. The customization!

Umbra offers a deep collection of ways to better mold your time in their world into a unique experience, from the character creation to the Crafting and Forging of weapons. Everything from different colors for both eyes to different guards for the right and left sides of your sword are available. Along with weapons, players will be able to customize armor to fit their tastes and sensibilities. You like the shoulder pads of one set of armor, but the boots of another? Cool, put them together in the way you like, and prepare to take the world by storm!

Speaking of the world, Umbra will have much to offer adventurers brave enough to traverse it’s lands. Forests, mountains, and dungeons litter the world, filled with danger and treasure for the taking! Dragons that only appear during the daytime, sneaky creatures that ambush at night, and secrets that rarely reveal themselves and more exist in the world of Umbra—a world that changes with each play through!

Magic will also play a large part of the story, aside from getting you into your current situation. Water, Lightning, Frost, and Fire are all yours to command, and the world will react accordingly to these elements. Fire will spread, wet foes will be more susceptible to lightning, etc. The fun doesn’t stop their though. Not when there are Apocalyptic Forms and Upgrades for your characters, including demonic wings, a third arm, and many more that will all be different and ultimately give your Apocalyptic Form just as unique a feel as your base form!

Companions, both human and animal can join you in your quests in the world of Umbra as well, and will also be customizable, and assist you in cutting a swath of destruction through the mutants and other humans who want your head. You’ll also be able to take on the mission in classic co-op mode, with multiplayer. Not only that, but you’ll also be able to play head-to-head with other players.



Umbra offers this, and so much more to players. The record-setting success of their Kickstarter campaign allowed the team to reach a number of stretch goals. The ability to share your House online to visitors, a female-player campaign built from the ground up, and leader boards. The Kickstarter campaign has ended, but you can still pre-order the game and get in on some of the goodies and support Umbra.

If you’re a fan of the genre and a fan of really making a story your own, then Umbra is a game you should really be on the lookout for. With so many people willing to put their time, faith, and money into the project, it’s almost assured that nothing but positive and fun elements will make it into the game.

Be sure to keep up with the development of the game with the Devblog on the official site for Umbra!