NCSoft Confirms Blade & Soul Will Be Free To Play

Just as the headline says, NCSoft has confirmed that Blade & Soul will be free to play when it comes to North America. It’s going to have a lot of the normal Free-To-Play trappings. The in-game currency they are introducing will allow you to purchase mostly everything, however, it will of course have a real cash option for items; Food, potions, repair tools and much, much, more.

There will also be a subscription option. The subscription option will be found in the real-cash shop, and once purchased, will remain active for thirty days. The subscription service will have tiers, everyone will start off as tier one and depending on how much real money you spend you will go up in tiers. This will include the amount spent on subscriptions. Basically, anything that you spend real money on will go towards upgrading you into the next tier, and each tier will contain different benefits.

There will be three separate founders pack (pre-orders) and each founders pack will come with a Beta key for the game.

If you want to learn more about it, or just have more questions, you’re in luck! They just did a Q&A on Twitch! They answer a ton of questions and remove some of the shroud surrounding the North American release. If you get a chance definitely check that out!