Fan Pays for Fallout 4 in Bottlecaps

So a few weeks ago a Bethesda fan sent 2,240 bottlecaps to Bethesda in hopes of being able to purchase Fallout 4 with them. He posted some pictures of the letter he sent along with the caps to an album on imgur, which you can check out here. Just the other day Matt Grandstaff, Global Community Lead at Bethesda Softworks, posted the following tweet of some boxfuls of bottlecaps,


The original poster of the first imgur album also posted another album on imgur, saying that they received an email from Matt, which stated that since they were the first fan to send bottlecaps to try and order the game they would be getting a copy of the game, and depositing the caps in the People’s Bank of Point Lookout. You can check out that second album on imgur here.

It’s pretty cool of Bethesda to let this fan pay for a pre-order with bottlecaps. Now it will be interesting to see if someone will try to pay for the next Elder Scrolls game in cheese wheels…