Warner Bros Pulls Batman: Arkham Knight From Steam

Riddle me this! What moves like a Power Point Presentation and has the lifespan of a speeding Pinto? The PC version of Batman: Arkham Knight! (If the community has anything to say about it.) The PC port has been plagued with numerous performance issues across all video card brands, rendering the game almost unplayable.

There’s a huge framerate drop when driving the Batmobile, infested with constant stuttering and frequent crashing throughout the game. The PC version of Arkham Knight is locked at 30-FPS, unless you can modify the INI files, and, perhaps worst of all, there have been reports that if you try to verify the game cache, it’ll just delete the entire game off your system. Iron Galaxy, developer of ‘Killer Instinct: Season Two’ and a small team of 12 people with very little PC experience, is credited as handling the “PC Support”. Obviously, the PC community is not happy and have been very vocal about the problems, with over five thousand negative reviews currently posted on the Steam Store, and counting.

It seems like Warner Bros has heard these complaints though; according to a Community Admin on WB Games’ forum, as of today they have pulled Batman: Arkham Knight from sale off of Steam until they can fix the laundry list of issues affecting this version of the game. Not only that, but they posted links on how to get a refund from the Steam Store.

Who knows when the PC version will be available again, but hopefully it’s soon, and that these crippling issues are fixed when it returns.

Source (Kotaku, Kotaku)