Fifteen Minutes Of Shadow Warrior 2 Gameplay Released

One of the more surprising announcements to come out of this year’s E3 was a sequel to Flying Wild Hog’s ‘Shadow Warrior’, a remake of the 1997 cult classic of the same name. Now, a full gameplay demo has been released showing off a much bigger and more expansive game compared to the 2013 release.

Shadow Warrior 2 gets rid of the linear corridor level design of the last one in favor of a much more expansive world supporting multiple ways to defeat or avoid the overwhelming horde of demons in your way. The open world is procedurally generated this time and littered with side missions and loot so there’s always new surprises to take on. To help traverse this giant world you now have the ability to climb over walls and other obstacles allowing for a much wider range of movement and freedom to go where you want.

Series protagonist, Lo Wang, returns with more weapons, magic abilities, traversal methods and cheesy one-liners than ever before. There are at least 70 different kinds of weapons to find with the ability to augment them further thanks to a new gem system that will add new properties and elemental effects to your arsenal. There is now also an invisibility spell in case you want play much more stealthily to avoid combat or deliver high damaging surprise attacks. Shadow Warrior 2 will also offer a cooperative feature so you and your friend can now gleefully hack apart demons together.

Flying Wild Hog is looking to simultaneously release Shadow Warrior 2 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC sometime next year.