PlayStation Plus Version Of Driveclub Finally Released

The PlayStation Plus of Driveclub has finally been released, after a delay of over a year and a half. Driveclub was planned to launch alongside the PlayStation 4, but unfortunately didn’t make that window. Instead, Driveclub was delayed until it was released to the public in October 2014, to unfavorable reviews. Finally, eight months after the game’s initial release and over 18 months since it was originally planned, PlayStation Plus users can play a trial version of Driveclub for free.

You can craft your own races on several tracks in India, which is one of six locations found in the full game. PlayStation Plus users will also have access to a 15 car garage and the full list of trophies for the game. To unlock the rest of the content not available in this trial, including tracks, cars, and the rest of the single player campaign, users will have to purchase the full game.