Rock Band 4 Won’t Launch With Online Multiplayer

Amidst the barrage of E3 announcements last week, one that was quietly revealed was that unfortunately, Rock Band 4 will not support online multiplayer at launch.

It was first said during an interview with Vice that while online multiplayer was something they were looking into, it was a feature that would almost certainly show up post-launch. Project manager Daniel Sussman made the followng statement to Vice below regarding online multiplayer:

“We’re still working through those details, but that sort of asynchronous multiplayer set-up is very compelling, and we know that people do want it, but it’s very expensive. We’re weighing that feature up against some of the other stuff that we’re doing. One of the interesting things about our strategy here is that, just because some feature isn’t there at launch, doesn’t mean it won’t be later on. We’re going to respond to people telling us what they want. When players wish they could do things that they can’t, we’re going to be a virtual phone call away.”

Fast forward to last week during E3 where this news was later confirmed by Harmonix at the show floor, conveying this news on the message boards with Aaron ‘HMXHenry’ Trites. If the message board is to believed as well, there are thoughts that the choice of color for the instruments may be scrapped as well. Leading up to the pre-orders of this game, the following picture was shown with Rock Band 4, announcing that you would be able to choose what color your instruments will be. Now, with pre-orders open, that option is nowhere to be found. So what remains of this feature is unknown for now.

RB4 InstrumentsAs sad as it makes me to hear that online multiplayer won’t be available at launch, it is understandable. Harmonix is an independent company now, they don’t have the resources EA provided with the previous titles, so it is good to hear they will be focusing on the core experience for the launch of the game and then adding more later. Harmonix has already made it clear as well that they want this to be one Rock Band to last as long as possible, focusing on updating Rock Band 4 with new features down the road as opposed to yearly releases.

Rock Band 4 will release on October 6 of this year for Xbox One and Playstation 4. Pre-orders are currently open and highly recommended if you hope to get the new instruments, as Harmonix has stated they may not be able to meet up with the demand. Until next time, stay tuned for more info coming up to the game’s release!

P.S. To my brother: Sorry Andrew, looks like our band won’t be rocking out until the multiplayer goes up. You can handle being a solo artist until then, right?