Batman: Arkham Knight Day One Patch Size Revealed

Batman: Arkham Knight is rolling out onto store shelves (and, digital… menus?) tomorrow, and now we finally get a look at the patch size you’re going to have to download when you rip open that shrink wrap and plug your game in.

A post on Reddit with a picture attached confirms that the day one patch for Arkham Knight is going to be less than small 3.5 gigabytes, pairing that with the 45 gigabyte initial download across all platforms, brings you to a whopping 48.5 gigs.



Of course, the picture shows the patch on PS4, but these things tend to be universal in size. There aren’t any details on what the patch will fix, but I doubt this will deter any potential fans from being the Batman come tomorrow. Its just 48.5 gigs? This generation’s downloads are huge.

Prepare to be the Batman on June 23, 2015, on PS4, XBox One, and PC, and check out the launch trailer below.