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It’s an E3 Triple Threat in New Arkham Insider Episode

Rocksteady and WB Games present the 6th episode of Arkham Insider entitled “E3 Triple Threat”. Gaz Deaves and Dax Ginn open the video live from E3, and it covers some predator gameplay, driving the Batmobile, and drone tank battles. Later, some important fan questions are answered.

It starts with Gaz sitting down with Bill Green, the Deputy Lead Level Designer, as he walks us through a predator scenario featuring Two Face’s thug’s robbing a bank. Gaz then proceeds to lose his mind as he gets to drive the Batmobile in hot pursuit of Firefly.

Later, Lead Animator Zafer Coban answers some questions about coming up with the Dual Play idea, what makes you truly feel like Batman, driving the Batmobile in first person and most importantly, vehicle takedowns as Batman without the Batmobile! Check it out below.

Wow! Nothing else can be said! Are you getting Arkham Knight next week? What feature are you most excited about?

Batman: Arkham Knight launches June 23rd for Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.