Dontnod Announces Vampyr

Dontnod, creators of ‘Life Is Strange’ and ‘Remember Me’, has teamed up with publisher Focus Home Interactive to make a new vampire-themed RPG called ‘Vampyr’.

‘Vampyr’ takes place in 20th century Britain in a time where the Spanish Flu has ravaged the streets of London, causing panic and chaos throughout the city. If that wasn’t bad enough, London has also become a feeding ground for vampires who roam the streets at night. In this game you play as a man named Jonathan E. Reid, a military surgeon who had the unfortunate mishap of having been turned into one of these vampires on his way home from the war.

As Jonathan, you’ll explore London accepting quests from various people in the city, while doing other vampire stuff, like stalking people, seducing them, and feeding on their fresh, warm blood. Every character in the city is a potential victim, and it’s up to you to decided who you should feed on. You’ll want to observe their daily routines, their habits, and their relationships with other characters in the world. You can also befriend and seduce each of them so that they change their habits, allowing for a more advantageous time to strike. Dontnod wants to stress that it’s very important to consider who you’re going to kill because once a person is dead they’re gone from the game forever and will affect the world around you.

You aren’t just hunting these people for fun and sport though. As you feed on people, you’ll unlock more powerful vampiric powers to use in a real-time combat system. Using a combination of melee and ranged combat mixed in with your vampire magic, you’ll face off against other vampires, vampire hunters, and possibly other creatures as well. Be careful when using these powers, however, as both your health and magical vampire juice come from the same pool. When you use your powers you’ll become weaker, requiring you to feed once again to gain your strength and health back.

Alongside all of this you’ll also have access to a crafting system. You’ll find loot on the bodies of the people you’ve killed, which you can use to turn into weapons, tools, and special ammunition to bolster your fighting abilities.

Vampyr is slated to come out sometime in 2017 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.