Mass Effect Andromeda

Questions And Theories About Mass Effect: Andromeda

I just played the Mass Effect trilogy earlier this year. I finished the final game a meager two months ago. Needless to say, despite my love for the games my anticipation for another sequel hadn’t boiled to uncontrollable proportions yet. I didn’t have to endure the wait like so many fans.

Even so, I’m pretty pumped to dive back into that universe. I’m even more intrigued that the game takes place in the systems of our next-door neighbor, the Andromeda galaxy. The concept opens up so many opportunities—and raises many questions about possible relationships between the games and just what the heck humans are doing in the Andromeda galaxy. Here are a few questions I have about Mass Effect: Andromeda, and possible answers (which are purely speculation, of course).

Will events from our previous Mass Effect journey affect Mass Effect: Andromeda?

One of the biggest aspects of the Mass Effect games was how choices made in earlier games had enduring consequences in later games. Choosing to spare one life could mean that character came back in the next game to either express their gratitude or show you how futile your compassion was. Some major, galaxy-altering choices were made by Commander Shepard throughout the course of the trilogy, including a few instances of being able to preserve or wipe out entire races of aliens.

By the look of our sneak peek, not only did humans survive long enough to make it to the Andromeda galaxy; krogans did, too, and possibly others. Wouldn’t it be neat if choices you made in the first three games affected things in Andromeda, too, such as which alien races you can encounter in this game? Of course, this much has already been suggested by Bioware, but just what impact your choices will have is veiled in mystery.

Mass Effect Andromeda human attack


Will we see another galaxy-wide threat?

It doesn’t get much worse than the Reapers. Even the Sith Lords pale in comparison to the threat the Reapers pose to an entire galaxy. With their sole purpose delegated to wiping out all advanced civilization and possessing the means to do so, it can’t really get much worse.

That doesn’t mean Bioware can’t introduce a similar threat. It may not even be a race of creatures. It could be some catastrophic event rivaling a Roland Emmerich film, or it could be a smaller group vying for domination (hi, Cerberus!).

Conversely, there could be no galaxy-wide crisis at all. Perhaps races from the Milky Way who migrated to Andromeda go to war. Maybe they reach Andromeda and ban together against newer alien races already inhabiting Andromeda. This could play out so many ways, but as long as we don’t discover the Reaper threat somehow extends beyond the Milky Way galaxy, I’m sure it’ll be awesome.

Will we be introduced to new alien lifeforms and how will they treat Milky Wayers?

This one seems like a no-brainer, but it’s still a valid question. If aliens from the Milky Way have traveled to Andromeda, will Bioware feel the need to create new alien races? Maybe most (or all) the races introduced in the trilogy will flock to Andromeda and find it completely empty. I personally doubt it, but if there are new races in the Andromeda galaxy, a new question arises: how will they react to their galaxy being intruded on by outsiders?

It would be easy to have the conflict between Milky Wayers and Andromedans be central to the new game, but Bioware could easily take any number of routes. Maybe the denizens of Andromeda welcome humans, krogans, and whoever else lasted this long, and they fight a new threat together. It could be just as likely that there were wars in the beginning, but they have made peace much like the myriad races of the Milky Way.

Did aliens in the Andromeda galaxy know about those in the Milky Way galaxy?

Most likely, if there are new races in Andromeda, there will those who have discovered FTL travel and they will be the central focus. However, Bioware could spin this new Mass Effect game and either have the aliens in Adromeda be far more primitive or they could be so advanced they already knew of our existence. Perhaps they’ve known of the Milky Way’s lifeforms for centuries. Maybe they were even observing the conflict that took place during the trilogy.

Also, will all the mako sidequests be the same planet re-skinned again?

Also, will all the mako sidequests be the same planet re-skinned again?

How long have humans been in Andromeda and why did they travel there?

One of the questions I’m most curious about is just when this game takes place. Does it pick up years (or centuries) after humans and aliens have left the Milky Way or does it begin just as they arrive? If so, the aforementioned war between Adromedans and Milky Wayers is all but assured, but this game could take place at any point.

The bigger question, perhaps, is why humans and other aliens left the Milky Way in the first place? Did they flee, or are there still civilizations left in the Milky Way while others are exploring new galaxies? It could be the galaxy is dying, resources have been drained, or the galaxy has otherwise become uninhabitable. Maybe another galactic threat arose and obliterated the galaxy. It could always be a combination of factors, but until the game draws closer to release, many of these finer details are likely to occupy fans’ daydreams.

How about you? Any burning questions in your mind about Mass Effect Andromeda? Any theories or speculation? Share your thoughts with us, won’t you?