This Weeks Batch of Free Witcher 3 DLC Revealed.

Week five of Witcher 3 free DLC has been announced today by CD Projekt Red.

A new alternative look for Triss that leaves little to the imagination. The other DLC will bring a scavenger hunt for Wolf School Gear. You can hunt down Cat School, Griffin School and Bear School Gear, so I’m hoping the Wolf School Gear is the best you can get.

I’ve been hunting witcher gear for the last 15 or so hours while doing a lot of other side stuff. I was talking to some friends saying that the one thing missing with the gear hunting has been Wolf School Gear, so I’m happy that this weeks DLC will bring it to the game.

With three week and six pieces of DLC left to come I wonder if one or more of these last six pieces will bring something bigger for the game. Will see what comes over the next 3 weeks.