The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes Announced

Multiplayer is coming back to The Legend Of Zelda in a new way. Introducing The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes.


The game looks visually akin to A Link Between Worlds, an earlier title on the Nintendo 3DS. It also shares similarities to the previous multiplayer games in the series: Four Swords, but there are still many new and different elements. The game will feature three players instead of four, and have a focus on cooperative play rather than the competition of Four Swords. For example, the trailer above showcases a totem mechanic where the three players will stack together to reach obstacles.

Fashion will also play a part in the new game. Citizens of the games world are said to have a very high fashion sense and this will give your character options to wear, with outfits having in-game benefits.

This news comes along with a wide array of new Nintendo games coming this year and early 2016, including Star Fox Zero and two new Animal Crossing games. Stay tuned for more E3 announcements throughout the week!