Star Fox Zero Announced

Star Fox on the Wii U has been revealed as Star Fox Zero.

Coming to the Wii U, the game looks to focus aerial combat while giving us plenty of new things to do. The game brings back the on-rail flight style as well as the all-range mode, showing off Corneria from Star Fox 64. They also explained that this is something new but looks back to elements from the past. Shigeru Miyamoto explains “We’ve re-built the game using ideas from the past, but this is not a part 4 or 5, it’s not a remake either.”

The game will use the gyro controls on the Wii U gamepad to steer, as well as use the gamepad screen to focus on more specific targets via a first-person view. New vehicles include the Walker (said to be part of Star Fox 2, an unreleased SNES game), which turns the Arwing into a walking vehicle. We also see the return of the Landmaster tank, as well as a Gyrowing, which looks like a hovercraft that travels where the Arwing cannot reach. Miyamoto has also stated that you will be able to replay levels in different vehicles.

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