Kingdom Hearts Gets A New Game, More Details on III

After years of an announcement with almost nothing else afterwards, we now get some new details on the future games in the Kingdom Hearts series. Square Enix first showed off Kingdom Hearts Unchained, a different kind of Kingdom Hearts game coming to mobile platforms.

The new game is actually a port of Kingdom Hearts χ, a browser based MMORPG originally only released for Japan. The game features 2D graphics and turn-based gameplay. It also looks pretty adorable.

After briefly showing off Unchained, Square Enix then jumped right into the game we’re all really looking forward to: Kingdom Hearts III.

The trailer opens with what looks like a young Xehanort and Eraqus discussing the keyblade war mentioned many times throughout the series. It then jumps right into some gorgeous gameplay, featuring a lot of new combat features, such as summoning theme park rides and collaborative attacks with Goofy and Donald. If you look closely at the scenery, you’ll also notice the gameplay takes place in the world of Disney’s film Tangled, which has been revealed as one of the worlds you will be visiting in the game. Midway through the trailer Sora also gets a slick new outfit, definitely showing that he has grown up throughout the series.

The game is certainly shaping up to be something big, but no release date has been announced yet. Before that we are likely to see Final Fantasy XV and the unbelievably adorable World Of Final Fantasy release, and possibly the newly announced Final Fantasy VII remake (finally!). Until we find out more, stay tuned for more E3 announcements throughout the week!