Five New Songs Revealed For Rock Band 4

It seems that Rock Band 4 pre-orders opening weren’t the only thing we learned about Rock Band 4 this week. On game’s official website there seem to be some new songs announced for the game that did not get that big of an announcement. It may have been an accidental reveal, considering the link to the soundtrack does not work at the time of writing this article. We are sure to get a larger reveal, and rightfully so, because are some great songs. You can check them out below with YouTube links to the songs.

Getting Elvis in the game is a pretty huge deal, and that’s just one of the songs. This brings the total of known songs to 11, with supposedly “over 60” to be on disc if the Amazon listing is to be believed. The first six songs can be seen here. Rock Band 4 is slated to release October 6 this year and will be compatible with all of your previous instruments and DLC. Until we find out more, stay tuned for more E3 coverage throughout the week!