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Dota 2 Getting Custom Game Modes

Coming off the announcement last week that Dota 2 is getting reborn, Valve has released info that custom games will finally be coming to Dota 2, and there are going to be a host of features to make creating them and playing them as easy as possible.

“For us, Custom Games represent a continuation of the tradition that gave birth to Dota, Team Fortress and Counter-Strike. We’d like to build an ecosystem where you can experience something new every time you launch Dota 2.” Valve states in the new post from the reborn update. There is going to be a custom games hub designed to make finding new game modes and starting up games as easy as possible.

The custom game hub will have tons of features including a top 10 most popular games currently being played, being able to favorite game modes you enjoyed to easily find them later, seeing a list of games that your friends have been playing, and join them if they are in an open lobby, having suggested games so you can find new modes to play, with the selections changing every 30 minutes so everyone will see the same 15 game modes. This should help with filling all the required spots for a custom game and generate interest in new modes. And of course you will be able to vote on games which will determine how often a game mode is shown in the Suggested Games list.

Each custom game mode will have its own launch page and a play button that will find a lobby for you with the lowest ping. If you’re in a party and there aren’t enough spots in any of already created lobbies for your entire party a new lobby will be created. The launch page will also have useful information such as patch notes for the custom mode, videos and friend activity and will also include dedicated chat rooms. You will be able to browse already existing lobbies as well as create your own, you can set the lobbies to private if you just want to play with friends or want feedback on a game mode you made yourself.

Valve will be releasing a custom game made by Valve members called Overthrow. The mode is said to be a quicker paced mode than an average Dota match and will be a free-for-all. Players will have to try and earn enough kills to win the match before time runs out as bounties on other players will increase over time. Coins will appear that players can collect and random item drops will also happen. There are promises of another game mode that is on the way from Valve in the coming weeks, but no more info is given at this time.

And finally, how would anyone be able to make awesome custom games without having some great tools to do so. Some of the tools included will be things like a hammer level editor that will allow creators to easily lay out maps and fine tune them with 3D modeling tools, as well as an embedded asset browser that will let you browse particles, models, and materials to drag and drop into your maps. You will also be able to use 3D lighting tools to see what the assets will look like in game. A material editor will be included that will allow you to create materials and import them into your game modes, a particle editor will also be included to create or modify particles and preview them. There will also be a model editor that allows you to preview models and animations as well as look at hitboxes and attachment places.

Below is a video of a developer taking you through how to use some of the tools that will be available for creating your own custom games.


To check out the full post you can head to the official Reborn page here. Coming next, Valve promises the beta begins, and behind the new technologies, so be sure to check back for more info.