No Man’s Sky Gameplay Shown at Sony’s Press Conference

A small glimpse of No Man’s Sky was shown at Sony’s E3 press conference tonight. The live gameplay demo was played by the creator of the game, Sean Murray of Hello Games. He starts us out at a boundary between two warring factions and he notes that you can join in or take sides and fight. This will be a giant sand box game full of choice, with the demo showcasing the expansive, nearly endless game world.

Your trying to get to the center of the galaxy, but on your way there you can explore any world you encounter. Sean lands on a random planet, dubbing it “planet E3”. On this planet is were Sean details interest beacons, where you can upload and save discoveries.

Every planet in solar system will feature fully destructible environments. You will encounter guardian Sentinels that protect the planets from explorers. The scope is unlike anything we have seen before in gaming. It’s not only an open world game, but an open Galaxy. We know very little about No Man’s Sky, so this begs the question, what more is there to this game other than exploring?

No Man’s Sky will on Playstation 4 soon. A specific release date has not been given. Check out the full gameplay reveal below!