New Xbox One Elite Controller With Customizable Parts

Today at Microsoft’s E3 press conference, a brand new controller was unveiled, titled the “Elite Wireless Controller” designed for game changing elite performance and pro precision. The Controller features many adjustable and swappable parts. The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller, Microsoft says, offers “limitless customization,” “pro-level accuracy” and more.

In a video of the controller, the Xbox Elite Wireless Controller promises hair-trigger locks, a quartet of paddles on the back, thumb stick sensitivity curves and trigger minimum and maximum values. The controller is designed to be used with Xbox One and Windows 10.

Here’s a video breaking down the specs of the new Elite Wireless controller from Microsoft.

Check out more information here. The MSRP is 149.99, which I’m not too sure will be consumer friendly. This is marketed to the most hardcore of gamers!

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