EA Presents Star Wars: Battlefront Gameplay at Press Conference

EA finished out their conference with one of their most anticipated titles, Star Wars: Battlefront.

EA COO Peter Moore took the stage to present a first look at a lengthy new trailer that included some stunning new gameplay footage captured on the Playstation 4. Before the footage was shown, he elaborated on the sophisticated capabilities of the Frostbite 4 engine and detailed it’s true potential. Battlefront will fully utilize this new engine as partners at Lucas film lent props to DICE for recreating the intricacies of weapons and vehicles in exquisite detail. This will provide an incredibly immersive experience in the Star Wars universe. We were thrown in the midst of battle in the icy plains of Hoth, an iconic scene for any Star Wars fan. Included in this pre alpha footage is both first person and third person gameplay.

EA notes that Battlefront will have a great amount of depth for multiplayer experience, ranging from 8 players for a more intimate experience, to an all out war of 40 players. Battlefront will feature single player missions that will include options for both AI and player controlled Co-op. You can play as iconic characters from the franchise or as a generic Rebel or Imperial soldier. As Darth Vader appeared on the scene, the footage finished up with an appearance from a player controlled Luke Skywalker. This is a true testament of how you can make this game a unique experience of your own.

Check out the new gameplay trailer below, and stick with GameNews for all the latest developments on Star Wars: Battlefront!


With the release date of November 17th, Battlefront is looking to be a contender for one of the biggest launches of 2015. Battlefront will be available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.