E3 Breakdown Podcast: Bethesda

What a way to kick off E3! In their first ever E3 conference, Bethesda made quite the showing. From the extensive look at Doom to almost more Fallout news than my body could handle, Bethesda had a clear goal for how they wanted their conference to go, and the fine people here at GameNews are ready to break it all down. Host Blake Anglin is joined by writers Andrew Preble, Travis Wayne and Dillon Nelms to discuss every morsel of news from the conference, and give our grades on Bethesda’s show.

It all started with a long look at the upcoming Doom reboot, which showed off some impressive fast-paced gameplay, incredibly visceral and bloody graphics and a weapon arsenal that should please old-time fans. We also got a short look at the map/mission editor included in the game, entitled SnapMap. We were only given a light glimpse at this mode, but it looks exciting nonetheless.

We were then shown a few quick looks at some upcoming Bethesda projects. One notable announcement was the creation of Bethesda.net, a service that will unite all Bethesda games under one umbrella, thought details were sparse as to what that might entail. Those hoping for some more news on The Elder Scrolls Online, which was recently released for PS4 and Xbox One, may be a bit disappointed, but hey, apparently there is a Elder Scrolls themed card game in the works.

One of the major surprises Bethesda had planned was ruined shortly before the show, but the announcement of Dishonored 2 was still well-received, this time sporting a new setting, protagonist and some fancy new killing tools. AT the same time, Arkane revealed the existence of the Dishonored Definitive Edition, which will bundle the original game’s DLC packages with a new splash of paint for new-gen systems.

And then, it was time for Fallout. One of the most hyped games of the conference, Fallout 4 did not disappoint, as our first extended look at the game was everything we hoped it would be. The gunplay looks much improved, the art style and animations were incredible and it hit all the right notes for fans of the series. Oh, and it is coming with a collector’s edition that features a real Pip-Boy. We also got a nice look at the new crafting system for Fallout 4, which is more than simple parts gathering. Bethesda showcased an entire tower defense style segment based around building your bases, and the new gun and armor modifications look amazing. Even better, we can get our hands on this game this year, as it is slated for a November 10th release.

And finally, we take a look at the brand new mobile game set in the Fallout universe, Fallout Shelter. Available right now for iOS, and later for Android, this Vault sim could be the perfect thing to hold you over until November. And it’s free! Bethesda sure knows how to make the people happy.

So click below to hear our take on all the cool things Bethesda showed us, and keep it tuned to GameNews for running coverage of everything E3!

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