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E3 2015: Uncharted 4 Gameplay Shown During Sony’s Press Conference

A new lengthy demo played by Bruce Straley, revealed more details on Uncharted 4 at the Sony E3 Conference. After a few technical issues with the live gameplay footage, Sully is back with Nathan, as they go onto their journey to “Sam’s Tower”.

The demo starts out with showing off the familiar gunplay of the uncharted series featuring an almost nonstop 3 minute interval of a relentless firefight in a local street marketplace. This fluid gameplay continues on with Sully and Nate as they hop into a Jeep to do some off-roading, to escape their pursuers. From the gameplay shown, it seems as though this new location will be full of choice and unlimited pathways in which you can explore. There is no official word if this will be a fully open world but the dynamic playground environments are truly impressive!

The Gameplay demo ends with drake on a swinging from a rope, from the side of a bridge, cutting away before meeting his fate. Enough talk! Check out the stunning gameplay below!

Uncharted will be available in 2016 for Playstation 4. Make sure to stay with GameNews for all the latest on E3 reveals!