E3 2015: New Info On Telltale’s “The Walking Dead: Michonne” Mid-Season Project

Telltale’s new The Walking Dead project was shown at E3 2015 today, shortly before the Microsoft press conference. The new project is not Season Three but is meant to be more of an appetizer for the next season, working in a similar fashion as the “400 Days” bonus episode from The Walking Dead: Season One. With the new content being just a smaller bite sized portion of what we may be seeing in the next season of the hit Telltale Games Series.

The new project, named The Walking Dead: Michonne, is focusing on the popular character from the popular televisions show and comic book. The short series will be three episodes, roughly half of a full Telltale season and is planned as a sort of mid-season break between Season 2 and Season 3.

The folks at Telltale Games have only just announced the specifics on the project, with no gameplay today. However, more news is planned to be released alongside gameplay at Comic Con, later this year.