E3 2015: More Garden Warfare 2 Details Arrive

After garnering over 6 million downloads, the original Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare was a surprise hit with players and critics alike, and if the showing at EA’s conference is any indication, we could be in for a real treat with the sequel.

With the zombies winning in the war against the plants, the zombies turn to a more defensive strategy than we’ve seen, which means we can finally watch the plants go on the offensive.

Our first look at the game shows the zombies attempting to protect their fort against the invading plants. We got a look at a few classes the zombies will be using, including:

The Imp: A fast, small and vicious creature that wields a nasty machine gun.

Superbrains: A cape-wearing super zombie that carries a laser, but relies on melee for his heavy damage.

Captain Deathbeard:  A pirate-themed sniper who can also hide himself into an explosive barrel for offensive results.

We also got a glimpse at the Z-Mech, a hulking contraption that allows the zombies to stomp around in power armor and dominate the competition.

In addition, EA announced a new Solo Player mode that will open up all modes for both single player and local split-screen coop. There will also be free content updates throughout the lifespan of the game.