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E3 2015: EA Announces New IP, Unravel

Electronic Arts has announced a new IP at their E3 2015 press conference, the new game is called Unravel. The new game is a puzzle platformer, that stars Yarny a character who (true to his namesake) is made of yarn. The gameplay is physics based, and players will be able to use their yarn to swing from things in order to progress. These are just a few examples of the things you can do in Unravel.

As you progress through the game you will leave a trail of yarn behind you, which is meant to show you just how far you’ve come, and how far you had to go to get as far as you did. Unravel has been in development for two years, and is being developed by Coldwood Interactive, who are based in Sweden and have previously only worked on small games for PC and consoles, usually of the sports variety.

Unravel will be released in the near future, however no release date was given at the conference.