Get an Official Pipboy in a New Fallout 4 Collector’s Edition

Today at Bethesda’s E3 conference a collector’s edition of Fallout 4 was announced. The Pip-Boy edition will include an official replica of a Pip-Boy, where you can insert your Apple or Android phone.

This Pip-Boy will be a collectible casing that houses most similarly sized smart phones and will work in conjunction with an iOS and Android second-screen app. This will create a fully functional wearable Pip-Boy to use alongside your in-game Pip-Boy. The game’s director Todd Howard said he’s not usually a fan of collector’s edition’s but referred to this Pip-Boy and its functionality as the “best f***ing one I’ve ever seen.”

The second screen app can be downloaded and used without the collector’s edition casing, but who doesn’t want their own Pip-Boy?

The Pip-Boy edition will release alongside Fallout 4 November 10th 2015, with an estimated retail price of 120 dollars.

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