Fallout 4 Crafting/Building System Detailed By Bethesda

The Fallout 4 crafting system has been detailed by Todd Howard at the Bethesda E3 Conference. The footage showcases a Sims/Minecraft style crafting and building system, where players can place down numerous items and create make shift buildings. The player will also be able to plant food and power generators that can attract people, such as vendors and other civilians that will come live in your settlement.

These settlements will need to be defended from Raiders however, so Bethesda has given the player the option to place turrets and other forms of defense to protect the town’s citizens from the dangerous rabble of the wasteland. Todd Howard was quick to state that this is optional, and is just one thing to do in a very, very large game.

The weapon crafting system was also shown off, with the player using several modifications to craft weapons that appeared drastically different from they’re previous incarnations. An example of this is turning a wooden baseball bat in to aluminum bat with two saw blades at the end, for when you need that ultra violence. Players will also be able to modify their power armor to fit their needs/wants in a similar fashion.