E3 2015: Doom 2015 News Includes Multiplayer, Violence And Map Maker (Trailer)

New info on Bethesda Softworks and Id Software’s Doom have been released tonight, during their first ever press conference at E3. The game promises to have “Bad-ass Demons, Really big guns, and moving fast”.

Alongside this news came a trailer, showing off a double jump, the new shotgun and the hearts of demons being ripped out in a swift manner. The new executions are very quick and satisfying in the new game, being very visceral by nature. The game has several of these very quick executions and they seem very satisfying to pull off. Anytime an enemy is staggered they will glow, letting the player know it’s time for some hand to hand killing.

The trailer also showcased an insane amount of gore, including demons being completely blown to shreds by a shotgun blast. The trailer also showed off the return of the double barrel shotgun and just how powerful the weapon is, completely eviscerating demon torsos. The trailer also shows off the chainsaw, which is utilized in an appropriately gruesome way.

The trailer also shows off the iconic pulse rifle, as it used to kill a seemingly endless supply of demons. Doom uses a weapon wheel for it’s multiple weapons, rather than the more common two weapon limit, similarly to last year’s Wolfentstein: The New Order. The weapon wheel also seems to slow down/stop time when in use.

It seems that the player will have to solve “puzzles” involving fingerprint scanners, possibly using a dead scientists severed arm. Doom will also likely feature unique death animations, in the trailer this is shown when an enemy brutally rips off the player’s arm and beats him to death with it.

The conference also mentioned multiplayer, which includes game types such as Freeze Tag and Domination. The multiplayer is advertised as being very quick, and having powerups as well as a focus on vertical fights. The player will be able to do battle as demons or space marines when Doom finally releases. Doom Snapmap was also introduced, as a new creative tool for players to create their own maps and game modes in the final version of Doom.

Finally, some more snippets from the single player campaign were shown in the form of a level that takes place where demons lurk and call home, Hell. This new snippet showcased even more ultra violence fueled gameplay, including several more executions and enemy types. The new footage also showed off the Rocket Launcher, a Doom classic, ending with a stinger as the classic BFG charges to fire.

Doom will be launching Spring 2016 on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

Update: Doom Trailer