The Witcher 3: Best RPG Ever. Period.


I’m gonna start off saying that this game isn’t only the greatest RPG created, it’s easily the best game I’ve ever played and is definitely my Game of the Year. I was very skeptical about how this game was gonna play for me because of it being the 3rd game in the series and I haven’t even heard of the game before it released. I thought I was gonna be lost in this huge world and the storyline that it held. But not only did I not need to have played the previous games to understanded what was going on in this one, I learned about what had happened to Geralt very early on in the game to bring me up to speed on what happened in the previous games. And trust me when I say that it won’t take long before you’re totally enticed in the lore of this amazing world.


The Polish video game developer, CD Projekt Red, really out did themselves this time. This game has earned over 200 awards and been given such ratings as a 4 out of 5 from Games Radar, 4.5 out of 5 from Metacritic and a perfect 10 out of 10 from GameSpot.


The Witcher 3 is an open world, 3rd person RPG where the player controls the character Geralt of Rivia, who is a witcher. His main mission in this story is to find Ciri, a young girl who was taken in by Geralt and trained up to be a witcher with him. Along his quest to find Ciri, he is aided by Yennifer (his long time lover and powerful sorceress), Triss Merigold (another fellow sorceress and long time lover) and Vesemir (father figure of Geralt and the other witchers and their trainer).


One thing that is instantly noticeable about this game is how beautiful everything is. From the scenery to the fine detail of characters clothes to the weather, everything you see will leave you in utter awe. If you thought the scenery and weather were nice, the enemies you encounter will leave you asking yourself “how the hell did someone ever come up with such an freakin ugly creature!” For as ugly and hideous as some of the creatures are, they are stunningly designed and are highly comparable to those of From Software’s monsters.



This is one of the many monsters you’ll encounter while playing The Witcher 3

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This is just a small taste of the types of scenery you can enjoy while scouring the land thats in the Witcher 3


Here is a small list of Pros and Cons that I’ve accumulated over my time of playing the Witcher 3:



This game is spectacular and has a lot of features that make it my absolute favorite game. One of those features is the ability to roam and explore, which was missing from the first two Witcher games. One thing i will recommend when playing this is to play without the music in the background. For as amazingly composed as the music is and how good it is, it does tend to be a distraction from playing the game and using your Witcher Sense. Turning the music off allows you to hear all sorts of sounds from the world around you, everything from the snapping of a twig to the roaring of a beast off in the distance. You really gain a sense of how real this world is when you allow yourself to experience those sounds.


I absolutely love the mini map and using it as a GPS to guide me to my next objective or to the next landmark that want to go to in order to further my quest to find Ciri. For as helpful as it is, I also love the feeling of being lost in this world. Having the freedom to just go off and explore for a bit really gives this wonderful sense of adventure unlike anything that any other game has given me, even Skyrim and really opens up this wonderful universe. It also has its rewards, like when you come across lost treasure or a hidden landmark. Finding hidden treasure is awesome because it may supply you with a really powerful sword or armor or reward you with a decent amount of crowns, which is your in-game currency. Plus, I would sometimes catch myself wandering aimlessly and stumbling across a hidden place that had a monster nest or a bandit hideout and clearing out that place would give me experience points and help me level Geralt up and make him even stronger for creatures and enemies I would face later on.


Having the power to decide how the game plays out based on the decisions you make throughout the game really interested me. Having beaten the main story line and doing a few side quests along the way, I noticed how some previous decisions i made greatly impacted the game later on in a huge way! I love how you pretty much choose how your character is gonna be, he can be the nice guy that helps everyone out for little or no pay or you can be the jerk and charge everyone every penny (or crown) they have to do jobs, it’s entirely up to you. Not to mention, you also get to determine the type of build you want for Geralt. Do you want him to be better on quick attacks or strong attacks or would you prefer to act as a mage, casting powerful spells to extinguish the lives of your opponents?




One thing for sure that will drive you a bit nuts and takes a while getting the hang of is Geralt’s health. When you’re in a battle with multiple foes and your health starts to deplete quickly and ya need to eat or drink something to replenish it, you may find it a bit of an issue. Geralt’s health doesn’t like to replenish as fast as you would like and I constantly found myself fleeing from battle while eating and drinking what seemed like most of my supplies just to get my health bar full again. It’s just tedious and annoying.


Ever play a game where you’re hitting someone or something and you get this huge chain combo?! Yea….you can forget about getting anything close to that in this game. Anytime you start getting around 3-5 linked hits on some enemies (like drowners for instance) they automatically just break your combo by hitting you, causing Geralt to stumble backwards and possibly retreating depending on your health. I don’t know about you, but I’d like to think that if I’m hitting someone with a heavy, sharp blade, they are very unlikely to get some sort of power boost and stop me mid attack by attacking me back. I’m assuming it’s all part of the strategy and making sure that you block and dodge some too while in battle.


Now, there’s plenty more pros than what I listed and to be totally honest, those are the only cons that really stuck out to me while playing. You’ll just have to decide for yourself what aspects you like and what ones ya didn’t.


witcher 3

The Wild Hunt will be the main set of evil foes you’ll be dealing with in this game.


Some games (mainly RPGs) have mini games in them just for fun and may be part of the storyline. If you’re a fan of such games, then let me introduce you to Gwent. Gwent is the new fun strategy card game and it’s highly addictive. Each player starts off with 10 cards and you use these cards to get a higher point set than your opponent. There can be up to 3 rounds and the first one to win 2 wins the match. There is a decent amount of strategy in this game and how to utilize your cards that your holding. You win cards from people in the game by beating them or finding merchants that sell them.
The Witcher 3 is a definite must play for anyone that wants adventure, freedom and an action packed game all in one. For someone who loves games like Skyrim and Dragon Age, this game will make you rethink what you look for when playing an RPG. Once you start playing this, you will find it hard to put down the controller and walk away. Not to mention, if the action and freedom to do pretty much whatever you want doesn’t keep you playing, the story and lore will. Now do yourself a favor and go buy this game and let yourself get totally immersed in it and help Geralt and Ciri, along with others, defeat the Wild Hunt once and for all!

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