The Legend of Legacy Coming West

The Legend of Legacy, Atlus and Furyu’s hand-held JRPG for the Nintendo 3DS will be coming to the west in Fall of 2015.

In a recent tweet, Atlus USA stated: “ANNOUNCEMENT: The Legend of Legacy is coming to the Americas on Nintendo 3DS this fall.”

The Legend of Legacy was developed by former Square Enix and Level-5 employees, and released January 22nd for the Japanese region. The game plays very traditionally as far as the JRPG genre extends and is a spiritual successor to the SaGa series published by Square Enix. Players are given a vague goal at the beginning of the game and use exploration and wit to progress through the story.

The Legend of Legacy will reach American audiences in the Fall of 2015 for Nintendo 3DS hand held consoles, and is out now in the Japan region. For more information and screen shots of The Legend of Legacy you can head over to AtlusUSA’s website.