Volume Gets A Release Date

Mike Bithell, creator of the indie hit Thomas Was Alone, is currently working on his next game Volume, and has announced its release date as Aug 18th. Volume is a Metal Gear Solid-inspired stealth game that seems to be all about being heard (or not being heard I guess) while sneaking past and hiding from guards, and the game will star Andy Serkis as the main antagonist in the game who, “runs the whole of England in the near-future take on the tale of Robin Hood.”

There is also a early trailer to show off some of the game. (I swear that voice sounds like the narrator from Thomas Was Alone)


There is not much else knows about the game as of now except that it will be coming to PS4, PS TV, Vita, PC and Mac, I’m sure there will be more coming out in the future before release.

I have never heard about this game before today, but I just played Thomas Was Alone about a month ago (I highly recommend that game for its writing, story and puzzles) and I really had a great time with it. I will keep this game on my radar, and will probably pick it up at release.

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