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New Street Fighter 5 Trailer Shows Off New Battle Systems

A new trailer for the next entry in the critically and commercially acclaimed Street Fighter series released today. The new trailer shows off the currently announced characters Ryu, Chun Li, Charlie Nash, and M. Bison, the new trailer also shows off new systems involving the “V-gauge”. One of the new systems is “V-Skill” which is described as “Unique skills for each character”, while showing Charlie “catch” a fireball from Chun Li and M. Bison reflecting a Hadoken back at Ryu.

The next system introduced is the “V- Reversal” which is described as “Unique counterattacks that use one stock of the V-Gauge”, the trailer then shows Chun Li and Ryu countering each other as examples of the new system. Finally, we have “V-Trigger” which is described as “Unique abilities that use the entire V-Gauge” which seem to be more powerful moves that could get the player out of a sticky situation if they find themselves in one.The trailer also shows off Critical Arts, described as the “ultimate attack”, which seem to be similar to Ultras from Street Fighter 4 .

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